What Are Moths Attracted to?

blog Sep 23, 2023

what are moths attracted to

You’ve heard the expression “like a moth to flame,” but what is it about fire that attracts moths? While entomologists (that’s scientists who study insects) aren’t sure of the reason, it’s generally agreed that what are moths attracted to to light. They’re also attracted to heat – which is why many people report seeing moths flying into their attics and crawl spaces, where temperatures tend to be higher than in the rest of the house.

It’s important to note that adult moths don’t eat clothing; it’s the larvae that feed on fabric items like wool, silk, fur, cashmere, angora, cotton and feathers. They’re also attracted to dirty fabrics containing traces of sweat or stains since the larvae can absorb nutrients from these substances. They’re also attracted to lint, rugs, carpets, curtains and other furnishings, and even rotting wood and compost.

Glowing Fascination: Understanding What Moths Are Attracted to in Outdoor Lights

The best way to keep moths out of your home is to reduce the amount of fabrics in it and avoid storing them in dark places. It’s also helpful to wash and dry all clothes regularly and vacuum and dust often, especially those in closets and attics. Keeping food in sealed containers, such as in the pantry or the freezer, and putting away dried grains like cereals and pet kibble can also help keep moths at bay. You can even try making your own moth bait using a mix of sugar, fruit, and beer – check out Dave’s not-so-secret recipe or experiment on your own.

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