Vape Sensors For Schools

blog Feb 29, 2024

vape sensors detect vapor particles to detect vaping and other activities. They trigger an alert when vapor is detected and can be integrated with security systems.

Vaping has become a major issue in many schools across the country and has been linked to several health issues. Schools that have implemented vape detectors report a drop in student vaping. The effectiveness of these devices is credited to their real-time alerts that enable administrators to take action quickly and help maintain a vape-free environment.

Vape Sensors: Monitoring Air Quality for Healthier Spaces

Unlike cameras, vape sensors do not record video or sound and therefore do not violate student privacy rights. They monitor the surrounding area for the chemical signature of smoke, vape or THC and are not fooled by attempts to hide it with a different aerosol. These sensors can be used in washrooms, changing rooms or other areas where students may be vaping, as well as offices, classrooms, hospitals and residential care homes.

When an alert is received, staff can immediately investigate the incident and review footage to ensure that the proper protocol was followed. When used with a unified security platform, sensor alerts are automatically categorized and marked in the video timeline so that investigators can instantly identify the relevant footage at a glance. This eliminates the need to make assumptions or choose who to believe in situations that could lead to a misunderstanding and creates a more fair environment for all.

HALO IoT Smart Sensor is a powerful addition to any school’s physical security infrastructure, allowing them to reduce incidents of vaping and other activities in hard-to-monitor spaces. It includes multiple detection sensors including multi-channel particle and chemical to prevent false alarms, and can be customized to fit a variety of settings.

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