The Real World Andrew Tate Review

blog Dec 17, 2023

the real world andrew tate

The cobra tate real world is an online mentorship app that offers courses in modern wealth creation. It also claims to connect members with wealthy partners and mentors. It’s helmed by the self-professed “entrepreneur and former kickboxing champion” Andrew Tate, who faces rape, human trafficking and other charges in Romania. But his app — once called Hustler’s University – has become a hit among young men and boys worldwide, with many members posting boastful videos of the money they claim to have made.

Tate teaches students to use a specific business model that has been found to be lucrative, according to his website. He has built a large following on social media, where he shares photos of his luxury cars and private jets. But the shady practices and legally dubious shortcuts he encourages raise concerns about his training program.

Success in Reality: Andrew Tate’s Blueprint for Achievement

Despite being banned from most major platforms, Tate continues to attract a large following. His videos feature men claiming his teachings have changed their outlook and allowed them to earn six figures online. However, it’s hard to determine whether these testimonials are genuine. There are no financial proof or case studies provided, and the claims of success lack detail.

Moreover, Tate and his followers seem to be encouraged by a sense of rebellion against mainstream tech platforms, which have been unwilling to support them. The Real World appears to be an attempt to create a platform that is cancel-proof, with Tate promising to host his own server and avoid third-party payment processors and other services.

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