Prestige City Apartment – Clearwater, Florida

Apr 13, 2021 Real Estate

Prestige City Apartment is an amazing apartment community in Clearwater, Florida that offers a lot of interesting things to do in the city, along with the opportunity for a really good time. This complex is managed by the company Cushman & Wakefield and is a wonderful place to stay if you are just looking for an inexpensive place to live, work or play while in Clearwater, Florida. Prestige City Apartment has been fully renovated in order to provide residents with the most modern living spaces available in the area. There are lots of features such as a state of the art fitness center, a swimming pool, a restaurant with fine dining selections, a spa and several other great benefits.

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You will find that this building is a great place to shop because it has a very modern interior and extremely well-organized layout. If you ever come to Prestige City Apartment you have to check out the luxuries of this building and discover why this is considered to be a high-end community. The master suite is on the top level of the building and includes several bedrooms and baths. It even has its own elevator so that you can access all levels of the apartment easily. The kitchen, living room and family room are all very well organized and comfortable.

The rooftop of the main complex is even more grand than you might imagine. There is a large pool that is open year-round and provides residents with a wonderful view of the Clearwater Bay waterfront. The rooftop also offers a fantastic view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades. All in all, Prestige City Apartment is the perfect place to call home and enjoy all the perks that living in this upscale area provides.

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