Playground Markings For Schools

blog Mar 14, 2024

Playground markings for schools are a fantastic way to help nurture key learning skills away from the classroom. They can also help encourage a more active lifestyle in an engaging and fun environment, which is great for children’s health.

The playground surface can be adorned with anything from line markings to colourful designs to create a variety of fun games and activities for all children to enjoy. Using thermoplastic playground markings is much more durable than traditional painted marks, so they will last up to 10 times longer and can be easily refreshed when required. It’s also more cost effective to have these markings installed, compared to painting them every year, as they will not need frequent maintenance and upkeep.

Promoting Activity and Creativity: Playground Markings for Schools

Many playground markings are designed to encourage physical activity, promoting childhood dexterity, movement, and balance. They can include exercise tracks, hopscotch and crab walking, allowing children of all ages to burn calories while having fun. It’s recommended that children between the ages of five and 18 are given an hour of exercise a day, and so installing playground markings in the form of a daily mile track or race tracks can help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Educational playground markings can include a range of different subjects, such as numbers and shapes through bean bag throwing games or 100 snakes and ladders playground markings. This helps to teach and reinforce number and shape recognition in an engaging, outdoor space, extending lessons outside of the classroom.

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