Phone Number Risk Assessment

Tech Dec 2, 2022

Increasingly, companies are using phone number information to protect themselves from fraud. These numbers provide valuable data for business owners, including the ability to verify two-factor authentication. However, fraudsters know how to change numbers quickly and easily.

When a company is relying on phone number risk assessment information for their risk assessment, it is important to understand how the data can be interpreted and used. Using a reverse phone lookup, for example, can help identify fake numbers. It also can detect high-risk behavior.

IPQS, for instance, is an industry-leading source of phone number intelligence. Its technology supports landlines, cell phones, and other devices. IPQS performs deep number reputation checks, blacklists, and quality checks to identify suspicious users. It is able to identify and block fraudulent accounts, chargebacks, and more.

IPQS works with any country. It is also able to support VoIP phones. IPQS has a comprehensive list of phone number risk signals that are updated hourly. This allows businesses to identify suspicious users, stop account origination fraud, and prevent spam.

IPQS also helps companies keep an eye on database breaches and the activity of bots and other bad actors. IPQS’s data is obtained from dark web monitoring, allowing it to identify high-risk behavior.

IPQS provides support seven days a week. In addition, IPQS updates its blacklists hourly with newly reported data. That way, it is able to maintain the most accurate phone number blacklist available.

IPQS has more than 10 years of technology. With that, it outperforms other providers when it comes to detecting compromised accounts.

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