Padel Tennis Court

blog Oct 12, 2023

Padel Tennis Court

Padel Tennis Court is a fast-growing racket sport. In the last two years it has grown by over 10% globally and is set to continue to grow. It’s the fastest growing sport in Britain and the LTA is planning to have 400 padel courts by 2023.

The court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide – about half the size of a standard tennis court. The net is 88 cm high in the center and up to 92 cm at the edges. The walls around the court are made of a combination of perspex glass and solid concrete, and they should be 3 meters high. The game is played with a special ball and rackets that are similar to those used in tennis.

Exploring Innovative Technologies for Padel Tennis Court Construction

Like tennis, padel is a team sport, and points are won by scoring a ball over the net into an opponent’s side of the court. However, padel is less of a power-based game than tennis, and more focused on strategy and agility. This has made Padel popular with players of all ages, genders and abilities.

The padel court can be indoor or outdoor and the playing surface can be tarmac, grass, concrete, or artificial turf. The courts can be any color, but green and blue are the most common. The back walls are usually perspex glass and topped with 1m of wire mesh. Depending on the design of the court, the access can be on one or both sides. Illumination is an important aspect as it must be bright enough to see the ball, but not too harsh for play at night.

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