Mega Patches – Say Goodbye to Breakouts

blog Jan 15, 2024

Achieve a clear complexion and say goodbye to breakouts with our best acne patches. Acne patches deliver powerful blemish-fighting ingredients directly to your skin in an easy and convenient patch, bypassing oral supplements that may lose potency during digestion and cause digestive distress. The patented skin-penetrating delivery system ensures that the nutrients are effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. Read

Our bestselling Hydro-Stars now come in a cute new shape. These hydrocolloid pimple patches contain a concentrated dose of pore-clearing salicylic acid, brightening niacinamide, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Micro-darts dotted on the face of the patches dissolve to send these acne-fighting ingredients deep into your blemishes and help stop breakouts in their tracks.

Embroidered Extravaganza: Mega Patches for Ultimate Style Impact

These clear, large adhesive patches conceal and heal blemishes. They have a hydrocolloid base that absorbs excess oil and pus to help keep your skin clean and healthy. They also feature a blend of ingredients that are specifically designed to clear your pores and prevent blackheads, including vitamin A to reduce sebum production, tea tree extract to help fight bacteria, and clove oil to act as a calming agent.

The patch can be worn overnight or throughout the day, and should be applied after cleansing your skin. Once on, the skin patch will change color as it absorbs the oils and pus from the blemish, turning white and becoming more solid. This is a good indication that the patch is working and should be left in place for up to six hours.

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