Kettlebell Workout For Abs and Bum

blog Apr 26, 2023

kettlebell workout for abs and bum

A kettlebell workout for abs and bum that is both fun and challenging. This is an exercise that will target your core and abs, as well as work your shoulders, triceps and deltoids. Lie on the floor (or use a yoga mat) with your feet flat on the ground hip-width apart, then take a single kettlebell in your hands. Grasp the horns of the kettlebell with both hands and position them slightly wider than shoulder width apart, facing each other. Then, slowly bend your elbows to bring the kettlebell down behind your chest. Then push back up with your hands to return to the starting position. Repeat this for the required number of reps. More info kettlebell workout for abs and bum –

If you are new to using kettlebells, start with a light weight until you are confident you can perform this exercise without losing your form. Always remember that technique trumps the amount of weight you lift.

Tone and Lift: Effective Kettlebell Workouts for Abs and Bum Transformation

To do the racked lunge, stand with your feet between shoulder and hip-width apart, your knees slightly bent for balance and brace your core. Hold the kettlebell ‘racked’ in one hand at shoulder height, the rounded part of the kettlebell uppermost and your other arm hanging down in front of you.

While keeping your chest and core engaged, lower yourself down into a lunge with the right leg until it reaches a 90-degree angle and your left knee is touching the floor. Keeping your core engaged, press into your right foot and the kettlebell with your left hand to lift yourself back to a standing position. Repeat the sequence on the opposite side.

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