How to Spot Vintage Sports T-Shirts

Shopping Jan 9, 2024

vintage sports t-shirts are a fan favorite. They evoke positive, nostalgic emotion that helps build brand loyalty. They’re comfortable, timeless, and always relevant–a combination that creates a unique merchandise opportunity for your business.

In addition to their timeless style, vintage t-shirts are made with soft, light fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. This quality is especially important for sports tees, which can get worn and washed often. Light fabrics also allow for a lighter print, ideal for replicating the faded look of vintage t-shirts.

Game-Worn and Time-Tested: The Allure of Vintage Sports T-Shirts

The first step in determining if a shirt is vintage is to inspect the label. This can be done by looking at the manufacturer’s logo and the production date. For example, if a shirt is manufactured in the 70s it is more likely to be 100% cotton than one from the 80s which usually used a 50/50 blend. Inspecting the shirt closely is also helpful. You’ll notice that shirts from the 90s use a much tighter crew neck than those of earlier years.

You can also spot vintage t-shirts by their printed tag on the collar. A vintage tag will read “Made in USA” or something similar. A tee that was manufactured in the 80s will have a different tag and will usually be a screen-printed shirt.

Vintage tees are also differentiated by their color and fonts. Vintage colors are warmer and more golden yellow and tend to avoid cooler blue tones. They also avoid intricate or delicate font styles in favor of simpler, bolder designs that communicate a more rugged and lived-in aesthetic.

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