How Long Do It Take To Become A Criminal Law Barrister?

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Criminal law solicitors all have expert experience in criminal law, which basically encompasses a wide range of legislation relating to the administration of justice, and so it’s not surprising that criminal law barristers often appear in high quality criminal courts every day. This area of the law has vast experience and therefore excellent abilities, which is one reason why the criminal law bar is one of the most lucrative areas of law, with solicitors earning huge salaries for delivering this level of expertise. So what sort of experience should a criminal law barrister have?

criminal law barrister

A Criminal Law Barrister

In the United Kingdom, as in most countries, the role of a criminal law barrister involves carrying out a specific function. As part of that role, the criminal solicitor must have gained certain specific skills, including the ability to draft winning legal arguments and being able to formulate impressive proposals. There are a number of different types of training courses available to become a criminal lawyer, including an ordinary Legal Practice Course or an Extraordinary Legal Practice Course. In addition to gaining experience and skills in criminal law, there are also a number of other things that make a criminal lawyer special. The most notable, and widely recognized, being that they must be Scottish, in order to qualify to practice in the UK.

Generally speaking, the Barristers’ Examination, now called the Professional Standards Agency examination, is one of the most important tests a barrister will face throughout their career, and the process itself can sometimes last up to 12 weeks. The Barristers’ Examination, now known as the IPPE (the examination for the Perpetual Legal Practitioners), was originally set up to help ensure that barristers are meeting high professional standards before being allowed to practice, but it has since developed into a much more comprehensive test covering a number of different areas within the legal profession. This makes the exam much more rigorous than it was in the past and also means that becoming a serious criminal law barrister takes a lot longer than it did in years past.

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