Hiring a Warehouse Design Consultant

Business Mar 14, 2024

A warehouse design consultant centre requires a high level of design and engineering expertise. It is a major capital investment and return on investment requirements are often stringent, so it’s essential to get things right. Poorly designed facilities lead to lower service levels, more failed or late deliveries, dissatisfied customers and additional costs. This is why it’s important to hire a warehouse design consultant, with expert knowledge in warehouse logistics and storage media.

Whether you are constructing a new facility or upgrading an existing one, working with a warehouse design services partner will give you the best chance of achieving your operational goals and objectives. The key to the success of a design build project is clear communication with your warehouse design services partner and understanding what you want them to achieve for you.

To frame your thinking, here are some numbers to know and share with your warehouse design services partner.

1.) How many orders are picked per day?

This information will inform how many picking stations you need, if automation is required and the space required for the solution to be expanded in the future. This might be to accommodate more goods-to-person pick stations or packing stations.

2.) What type of racking will be used?

A good warehouse design services provider will have experience with a wide variety of racking options including selective, structural, FIFO, LIFO and drive-in. They will be able to help you determine which rack type will work best for your business and provide you with multiple concept designs to maximise storage density, taking into consideration operational and storage media requirements and your budget.

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