Getting Started With a Solar Off Grid System

blog Feb 23, 2023

solar off grid system

A solar off grid system is an energy system that runs primarily off of the sun’s rays and does not connect to the electrical grid. It uses a battery to store the electricity produced by solar panels and an inverter to convert the energy into power that you can use. This link off grid solar power system |

The best way to get started with an off grid system is by figuring out what your household’s power needs are and how much energy you want to generate. Then, you can size a system to provide the electricity you need at peak production times and store excess energy in the battery for later use on cloudy days.

If you want to stay as self-sufficient as possible, sizing your off grid system with an eye towards reducing waste and increasing efficiency can help you keep more of the energy you produce for yourself. This means fewer trips to the utility company and less of the cost you pay to run your home or business.

How to Calculate Your Solar Power Needs for an Off Grid Lifestyle

Choosing the right components

There are a few major components to consider when purchasing an off grid system, and ensuring they’re rated appropriately for your energy demands is essential. These include PV panels, a charge controller and a solar battery bank.

Depending on the system you choose, it may be necessary to add components such as a generator or inverter. This can make the upfront costs of a solar off grid system higher than a grid-tied system, but it will save you money in the long run as your electric bill goes down.

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