Get Flower Power

blog Mar 30, 2023

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

When it comes to emotional wellbeing, flowers have been proven to be a powerful and natural resource. They have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, lower depressive thoughts and help with coping with grief.

Adding flowers to your garden has many benefits, not the least of which is that it will bring pollinators back into your garden. This means more fruits, vegetables and flowers, and fewer pests. More info

Aside from that, planting flowers together with the senior in your life can also be a great way to connect and create memories! A recent study from Rutgers University found that seniors who received flowers broadened their social horizons and experienced more enriching personal memories.

Flower Power for All Seasons: Plants for Year-Round Blooms

Loneliness is a major challenge for our aging population and can lead to physical and mental health problems including dementia. Creating a memory garden with your loved one can be a powerful and therapeutic experience, giving them the opportunity to explore and uncover their most treasured memories.

Support Your Vaginal pH Balance

Nearly 30% of women suffer from unbalanced vaginas, which can be caused by sex, pregnancy, menstruation, exercise and medication. Thankfully, there is a natural boric acid suppository that will help restore your vagina’s internal balance and leave you feeling like yourself again!

Try Flower Power today, 100% risk-free!

We’re committed to promoting flowers and floral products to help make our world more vibrant. That’s why we launched the That Flower Feeling Foundation, a nonprofit that will help fund marketing campaigns across America to increase demand for flowers and floral products.

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