Frozen Fish Types

Recreation Jan 9, 2024

All commercially harvested fish are frozen at some point in their life – even the fresh fish you buy off the pier or from the guy who just caught it. This is done to prevent spoilage while at sea and also in the process of being gutted and prepared for sale. While you may believe that fresh is always better, the truth is that many people have a hard time discerning the difference between fresh and frozen seafood. Choosing between the two depends on preference and convenience.Read more:

The freezing process preserves a lot of the nutritional value of seafood. It locks in important nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, which are well-known for heart health; minerals including iodine and selenium, which are essential to thyroid function; iron, which helps transport oxygen throughout the body; as well as vitamins A, D, and K, which help with cell growth, immunity, and blood clotting.

Cold Waters, Rich Choices: A Guide to the Diverse World of Frozen Fish

A recent blind taste test found that frozen seafood was often preferred over fresh. Some people worry that frozen fish might have a mushy texture or be lacking flavor, but this usually comes down to improper freezing or thawing techniques. And, if you’re buying frozen seafood, it’s helpful to know where your supplier sources their seafood and what quality standards they follow. That way you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product. Good quality frozen seafood should not show signs of freezer burn or ice crystals and the seafood will look uniformly and naturally colored.

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