Everpure 2CB-GW Australia Replacement Filter Cartridge

Nov 22, 2021 Uncategorized

The Everpure 2CB-GW Australia filter is ideal for coffee vending machines and office coffee services, delivering premium-quality water. This replacement filter helps reduce chlorine, taste, odour, and particles from drinking water. It is also effective in inhibiting the development of scale and sediment. It can be easily cleaned and replaces itself, allowing coffee vendors to focus on the preparation of quality beverages.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With Everpure 2cb-gw Australia Replacement Filter Cartridge

The Everpure 2CB-GW Replacement Filter Cartridge is ideal for commercial applications, like restaurants and coffee & ice machines. It reduces lime scale build-up and other fine dirt in the water supply. Unlike the previous Everpure filter, this replacement cartridge fits all Everpure heads, including the Cuno retro head. You can easily remove and replace the cartridge in the same way as your original filter.

The Everpure 2CB-GW is a genuine replacement cartridge for coffee machines. It provides high-quality water for single-serve and office coffee service applications, and reduces chlorine taste and other contaminants. The filter is easily replaceable and has a long filter life. The 2CB-GW is also a quick-change type that can be conveniently installed under the bench. Many major coffee roasters use the Everpure 2CB-GW for their machines, and it is an ideal choice for both commercial and home use.

The Everpure 2CB-GW Australia Water Filter Cartridge is an excellent replacement for the CFS9710-S. This cartridge is a 5-micron Triple Action filter that will remove chlorine and odours from your water. It also removes bad taste and smells from drinking water. It also works with Cuno retro heads and Everpure System Heads QL1-QL3.

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