CPaT Cabin Crew Safety Training

Education Jul 7, 2023

Whether you’re looking to become a flight attendant or already have a cabin crew role, the right initial training will make all the difference. From safety and security to inflight service, the basics, the latest industry trends and a solid foundation of aviation knowledge will give you the best chances to be successful.

What is an aviation safety technician?

The CPaT cabin crew safety training cover a range of subjects including aircraft systems (lavatories, oxygen, galleys, lighting, communication, doors and exits) as well as general topics like travel health and safety, first aid and more. CPaT’s virtual reality simulations provide the most realistic training possible for cabin crew training and ensure a high level of proficiency in aircraft system operations and in flight situations, as well as a greater understanding of how to react during emergencies.

While airlines have always emphasized the importance of cabin crew members’ ability to manage flight and cabin emergency evacuations, training is increasingly focusing on prevention through proactive safety management such as risk identification. Increasingly, this also involves training in how to handle unruly passengers and report suspected cases of infectious diseases.

In addition, cabin crew are taught the importance of teamwork in managing routine and emergency situations – something that is demonstrated during simulator training with the various scenarios that can occur on board – such as a decompression accident, an unplanned landing on water or on land. They’re also trained in self-defence, manual handling, grooming, inflight retail and premium service.

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