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Recreation Nov 13, 2023

Buy shrooms online canada

Whether you’re looking to buy shrooms in Montreal or anywhere else, you can get high-quality mushrooms shipped directly to your door. Many online shops have special offers like free sample promotions or loyalty discounts that can save you 20% or more of the cost of psilocybin mushroom products. The Fun Guys, for example, have a discount code that can help you save 20% on your purchase. Find out

The Fun Guys are an online psilocybin mushroom shop in Canada that sells a wide variety of edible psychedelic mushrooms and related products. Their team of top-tier mycologists, lab technicians and confectionery maestros combine their expertise to craft a range of mind-bending experiences. Their products are sourced from organic mushrooms and undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure consistent potency and bioavailability.

Exploring the Online Shroom Market: How to Navigate and Make Informed Choices

They’ve been operating their e-shop for two years, and the business has grown month after month. They’ve never tried microdosing themselves, but they say their customers have reported feeling a “positive shift in consciousness” after taking their psilocybin mushroom capsules and psychedelic teas.

While some governments, including Denver and Oakland, have decriminalized magic mushrooms, they’re still illegal in Canada, where psilocybin is classified as an illicit substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Possession of the psychoactive compound is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Larsen says his goal is to demystify the idea of using magic mushrooms, and to make them more widely available for people who want to experiment with the experience. But he doesn’t think he’ll be arrested any time soon, as police focus more on other issues like organized crime and the opioid crisis.

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