Benefits of Full Service Medical Billing

blog Mar 19, 2023

Full Service Medical Billing is a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the medical billing process. It includes charge entry and coding, claim scrubbing, claim review, denial management and follow-up on unpaid claims. It also includes a dedicated RCM task manager that allows you to see real-time updates on claims, receive payment and communicate with your medical billing partner whenever you want.

What are the services of medical billing?

Outsourcing your medical billing services enables you to collect more net revenue, which in turn, means more money in your pocket. Your in-house staff can focus on other aspects of running the practice, such as patient satisfaction and scheduling. Link :

Minimizes administrative duties – and thereby, reduces your practice’s staff turnover.

Moreover, your front-office team can spend more time helping patients find the right insurance plan and paying their copays, deductibles and coinsurances at point of service.

Improves patient experience – with a dedicated billing specialist on your team, you’ll be able to respond quickly and effectively to patient questions and concerns about their bill. This will make your patients feel valued and more comfortable about their visits.

More accurate coding and billing processes – with the help of credentialed medical coders, your claims will be submitted with the proper ICD-10 and CPT codes to ensure they’re reimbursed. Additionally, you’ll receive regular, detailed reports on your billing performance so you can tweak your workflows to increase net collections.

When looking for a medical billing company, ask them to breakdown their RCM process in writing. This will ensure you’re working with a partner who’s focused on your specific needs and goals, not someone who’s just trying to push your accounts through their system.

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