Athletic Fit Clothes For Men

blog Jan 17, 2023

athletic fit clothes

Athletic fit clothes  are a great choice for men with a muscular build. This type of clothing is more comfortable and breathable than standard suit fits, which means they’re perfect for workouts.

Shirts that have an athletic fit are typically made with a stretch fabric that drapes over your upper body, making them more breathable than traditional dress shirts. They’re also more fitted in the chest, biceps, and shoulders.

The best athletic fit shirts for men are tailored to give your physique a tapered look, unlike traditional slim fits that are designed to be fitted in the chest but flap at the waist, causing them to appear boxy and baggy.

They’re also designed to move with you, giving your muscles a full range of motion so that they don’t get stiff after working out.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite athletic fit clothes for men to help you find the perfect style that will keep you looking and feeling your best at the gym or anywhere else.

The Benefits of Athletic Fit Clothing: Enhancing Your Performance and Style in Everyday Life

Mizzen + Main

If you’re looking for a shirt that looks and feels like a classic button-down with a modern twist, this is the brand for you. They have several styles that are perfect for the guy who wants to make an impression without sacrificing comfort or style, and their selection of color options makes it easy to find something that suits your personal tastes.


This performance-inspired apparel brand has a fantastic line of Commuter shirts that are designed to be work-friendly and made with Italian four-way stretch fabric. They come in two different fits, a Slim and a Classic, to cater to a variety of physiques and body types.

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