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blog Feb 1, 2024

There’s a blog for everything now, and there is certainly one for boat owners. Whether they enjoy sailing alone in a sailboat or captaining a powerboat filled with friends, there is a blog to suit their needs. From deep-sea fishing tips and DIY boat projects to stories from lone adventurers sailing across oceans, here are some of the best boating blogs to keep you in touch with all things nautical.This link:https://boatxm.com/

1. Discover Boating

Full disclosure: This blog is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association to grow boating as an American pastime. Still, it is a rich resource with informative articles on boating basics to cruising and everything in between. Their How-To and Maintenance articles are particularly useful and interesting.

2. The Boat Galley

This blog’s title suggests that it’s all about boat kitchens, but it is much more than that. Veteran cruiser Carolyn Shearlock is a talented writer who covers all aspects of cruising life – from planning and preparation to maintenance and active cruising. The stories she tells of her adventures aboard her monohull and catamaran are both entertaining and educational.

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