Month: July 2022

Optometry Podcasts

best optometry podcast

If you enjoy listening to on-demand radio shows and want to stay up-to-date on optometry news, optometry podcasts are a great way to get it. You can stream these programs right to your computer or play them on your smartphone. Here are a few of the best optometry podcast to subscribe to right now. Let’s get started. What is an optometry podcast? The most basic podcast is about eye health and eye care, but some optometry podcasts go beyond eye health topics.

Before You Download One, You Should Know The Basics

The Optometry Podcast is a great resource for optometry news and tips. It features interviews with optometry experts and releases new episodes every week. Topics covered in these shows include vision care news and technology, optometry education, and current events. Optometry podcasts are popular for their relatable vibe, and you can learn a lot about eye health from them. Many optometry podcasts also include practical tips for patients.

WO Voices is a podcast hosted by women in optometry. WO Voices is full of advice and insight from female ODs, including tips on landing an interview and getting accepted into your dream optometry school. The hosts are a mix of experienced optometrists, and they don’t shy away from controversial subjects. A recent episode focused on diversity in optometry and the gender wage gap.

Numerology and Angel Numbers

numerology and angel numbers

Numerology and angel numbers are both fascinating topics, but which one can you trust? While we might not expect angels to appear in numbers, you might find them everywhere. You may find it easier to communicate with them through numbers than through images. Here are some common angel numbers and the meaning behind them. You may even find a familiar number on your car dashboard or a billboard. Once you understand the power of numbers, you’ll start to see them everywhere. More info –

Which One Can You Trust?

One of the most important things to remember about angel numbers is that they are based on vibrational frequencies, so they can have varying meanings depending on your energy and mood. Therefore, when you see a particular number, try to focus on how it makes you feel instead of its literal meaning. Since the relationship between humans and numbers has evolved over time, numerologists rewrote their systems to reflect a more conscious view of numbers.

Angel numbers represent transition and change. They may also appear as coincidences but are often meant to be spiritual messages. Numerologists have been studying these numbers for centuries. While they can seem like coincidences, they are really part of a larger system that works to make people happy. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a practical one, angel numbers can guide you in your life choices. They also show up when you have doubts or uncertainty about a decision.